Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage massages is referred to as a ‘Detox’ massage.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Body Contouring

Two of the most important post-op care you need to follow are: Use compression and have Lymphatic Drainage Massages (LDM). There are many benefits to having LDM such as; reducing of swelling, inflammation, pain and sensitivity caused after the surgery. LDM decreases scaring and fibrotic nodules build-up.

Swelling is a normal healing process of body which is caused by the disruption of natural pathways taken by lymphatic system. LDM plays an important role in a fast recovery and minimizes complications post-surgery. It also helps the body to eliminate fluid and reduces excessive inflammation causing fibrosis.

Even though the body is tender and in pain post-surgery, it is recommended to start LDM sessions as soon as possible in order to prevent excessive swelling and fibrosis.

Cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction can cause fluid to develop in areas of abdomen, back and sides. Having LDM can help the body start draining and excess fluid can be released through the incisions post-surgery.

Inflammations or swelling is a very normal healing process of the body post surgery. Fibrosis, which is a scar tissue developed under the skin, can occur if the inflammation is not properly taken care of.

Having LDM promptly, can significantly prevent your body from developing fibrosis. It is recommended to at least have five sessions of LDM within the first week after your surgery. When you get home, you should have three sessions in your second week (and continue up to a total of ten sessions).

It is advised to book sessions prior to surgery to ensure the best result and eliminating any complications while the body is going through recovery and healing process.

LDM is an essential step to take in order to enhance the result of your surgery and to avoid complications.

MLD Massage & BBL Body Contouring

Available in London, Istanbul and Dubai

Abdomen, Back and Waist

  • Single
  • Package – x6 sessions
  • Package – x10 sessions

Abdomen, Back, Waist, Legs and Chin

  • Single
  • Package – x6 sessions
  • Package – x10 sessions

Abdomen, Back and Waist

  • Single
  • Package – x3 sessions

Ultrasonic and Cavitation & Radio Frequency

Available in London & Essex

  • Abdomen, Back and Waist
  • Legs and Buttocks
  • Face and Chin
  • Arms Lymphatic Drainage Massage

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